A New logo for The Rossela Wine 
A single mother of two makes ends meet by producing and selling Rosella wine (alcoholic) and  Rosella juice.  Her story starts back in 2010 when she attended food processing training with SIDO under the Business Development Gateway project  with the motivation of  upping her skill set so she could earn a better living than her Mama Ntilie job afforded her. 

Having thought  through her options she decided she would go into wine processing  lured by the potential lucrative margins to be had . Starting she produced wine from SIDO facilities  but later purchased her own equipment to produce from her own facility.

Faika wine is relatively a small business, current production levels stand at 80 liters of wine per day and 40 liters of juice,it remains to be seen if the market for specialist Rosella wine is one of scale to turn into a sustainable business. 

Proposed Bottle for 330ml of Wine
Proposed Bottle and Labelling for The 750ml Wine
Faika Rosella Juice Packaging

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